Berlin, spring 2020. A city in lockdown. 

The two sisters Leonie (14) and Lea (16), separated after the death of their mother ten years earlier, are looking forward to living together with their grandmother Edda. But their anticipation is disrupted by some disturbing news from Wuhan, China. It is not long before the virus reaches Edda’s household and the sisters are confronted with dramatic changes. Lea wants to protect Leonie, but is trapped in an impossible situation. She reaches out for help, but friends and family are immersed in a lockdown crisis of their own.

Sunshine Eyes begins with the story of the fragile sisters, and then moves on to their closest circle: the friend, the neighbour, the teacher, the therapist. Silence rules the streets of Berlin and yet hope is not lost. Ultimately, love conquers all.

Inspired by actual events, series creator Maria von Heland homes in on a small dysfunctional family to tell the story of what impact the threat of the virus has had on the different generations, with great sensitivity and emotional punch. The ten-part series was filmed during lockdown in Berlin, in spring 2020. A coming-of-age story that couldn’t be closer to present day realities.

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