The cast that Maria von Heland was able to engage for „Sunshine Eyes“ is a diverse mixture of well-known national and international actors. 

What also enriched the series was the casting of a great number of talented newcomers.

In addition to well-known actresses such as Juliane Köhler (Aimée and Jaguar, The Downfall…), Barry Atsma (Bad Banks, Divine Sparks…), Nina Petri (Tatort, Life is not for cowards…), Tyron Ricketts (Kanak Attack, Knocking on Heaven`s Door), Stefan Kurt (Pettersson and Findus, The Shadow Man…), Jana Julia Roth (The Shadow Man…), Die Welt wird eine andere sein…), Itay Tiran (Anleitung zum Unglücklich sein, Lauf Junge lauf…) several exciting new discoveries make their acting debut.

One is Laetitia Adrian (17), who makes a touching leading role debut as Lea, the other is Aliza von Heland (14), who brings Lea’s sister Leonie to life in a very light and sensitive way. In addition, Viola Sandberg made her film debut at the age of 72 and impresses the audience as grandma Edda. This combination of top-class actors and newcomers is director Maria von Heland’s classic style of working. It is due to her passion to discover newcomers that names like Anna Maria Mühe, Karoline Herfurth and Jenny Ulrich are among the most renowned and best-known actresses in German film.

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