Philipp Kreuzer– Maze Pictures GmbH

Film producer, attorney, film school graduate. After studying in Munich (law), Paris (literature), Madrid (film). Career in film law firms in Germany/US and film production/finance (London based The Film Consortium, MFP for Paramount Pictures). 4 years project manager @ Eurimages. From 2005 Bavaria Film Group: various functions production/management incl. producer, head of sales, co-production, finance, MD of two of subsidiaries (Munich/Rome), member of group’s management board. 2015: founded Munich/Berlin based maze pictures ( Publishes in film law, teaches @ film schools in Spain, Germany, France, Israel. 4 yrs selection board of Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund. Member of European, German film academies, active in film policy, 4 yrs board member of German producers’ association, currently chairman of German Films supervisory board. Best producer award “The Happy Prince”. He speaks 5 languages.



Dorothe Beinemeier – Red Balloon Film GmbH

Producer of children, youth films and high-quality arthouse internationally. Dorothe is the German producer of acclaimed children’s series “The Heirs of the Night”, co-producer of Cannes Competition 2022 film “France” by Bruno Dumont, starring Lea Seydoux and, producer of “Al Garib”, Palestinians Oscar entry by emerging talent Ameer Fakher Eldin.

Eric Holland – TINDRA FILM

Eric has over 20 years of experience in film as a sound supervisor and music composer. In 2018 he shifted his focus to film production. In September 2021 Eric moved from California to Berlin. He will continue to work in the US as well as pan European market.

Maria von Heland  – TINDRA FILM

Creator and Director of Sunshine Eyes.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Award-winning writer and director. International Emmy nominations for the Startaler, The Devil with the three Golden Heirs and Heirs of the Night.
MFA in Film and Theatre Directing from California Institute of the Arts,
mentored by Alexander Mackendrick. BA in TV Journalism from Rider University, NJ.

Fluent in Swedish, French, German and English.


Featuring Artists: Birger Clausen, Phoebe Killdeer, Melanie Pain, Kill the Pain, Wyn Davies, Fanny Risberg, Ney Liqa, Edgar Homers,  Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder, Ulf Ivarsson

Maze Pictures

Home of talent and creativity

Maze pictures is an independent production house based

in Munich and Berlin.

Since 2015 the company has built strong and extensive networks

within the international film and TV market. Based on its

founders‘ longstanding experience, maze pictures has

successfully developed and (co-) produced artistically

ambitious fictional ideas for movies, high end series

and digital content for the national and international market. 


Maze pictures GmbH

Häberlstraße 5 Lützowufer 12

80337 Munich 10785 Berlin