Part 1  Sisters Indeed

The sisters Leonie and Lea have had to live apart for over 10 years. They are finally about to move in together. The last thing they expect is that a virus in Wuhan, China will scupper their plans.

Part 2  Friends in Need

Lea’s friend Baha plays it cool, keeping his family at arm’s length. When both his parents lose their jobs as a direct result of the virus, their problems start to get under his skin.

Part 3  Downstairs Drama

Lea’s neighbour Dylan desperately clings to his childish needs. Meanwhile his parents soldier on trying to make a difference in the world. Pandemic parenting becomes the ultimate challenge.

Part 4  What Brothers Do

Lea’s teacher Madeleine is torn between her sons’ rebellions and her students’ need for attention.

Part 5  Help Yourself

Mona is caught up with Lea and Leonie’s problems when her husband, a documentary filmmaker unable to finish his film, suddenly quits their relationship.

Part 6  Birthday

Leonie’s 14th birthday is celebrated in granny’s garden, but granny never shows up. Dylan drives his father nuts.

Part 7  Silence

Lea calls out for help but no one hears her. Mona fights for David’s love, but he does not let her in.

Part 8  Charades

Baha’s mum confiscates the family’s electronic devices. Now they play out their conflicts via traditional games. Lea asks for support online from a TV personality.

Part 9  Party

Baha and his sister become peacemakers. Madeleine’s elder son leaves the family. Lea turns up at a street party where she tries to tell her friends what has happened.

Part 10  Truth

Baha and Leoni break into Lea’s house. Lea throws Baha out. Leonie finds out the truth before Lea can tell her. Lea saves Leonie’s life.